1. Due to security requirements for our Church, an Automatic Car Parking System is being implemented for controlling entry into the parking area through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tamper proof electronic tags issued as passes per car which will be permanently pasted on the windshield of the car upon submission of the completed registration form and payment of a Registration Fee of QR. 200.00 per Vehicle (Valid for 2 Years).

2. The issued passes enable automatic entry into the car parking area for your car. However it does not in way guarantee you a dedicated car parking slot since the number of car parking slots are limited and it will continue to be on a FIRST COME FIRST BASIS. (Normal time of access to parking area is between 0500 hrs to 2300 hrs. On special occasions separate permission may be granted by authorized personnel)

3. There will be digital sign boards at the gates which will indicate availability of parking slots and if slots are full the barriers at Entry Gates, will not open automatically even if you have passes. In such a situation, you will need to immediately make way by moving your vehicle from the entry gates. Upon availability of a vacant spot, the display will show available slots when the Automatic Gate barrier will open once again enabling entry into the parking area.

4. The Application(Form duly filled up should be accompanied by ONE copy of your Car Registration and Qatar ID. For Parishioners using rented cars or cars issued by Companies,they need to submit copies of documents substantiating the same along with the application. The issue of passes will be only after proper scrutiny of the application form & accompanying documents by Authorized Personnel.

5. The RFID tamper proof electronic tags issued is to be pasted from inside on the front windshield of the Vehicle. The Parishioner will also be issued with a Physical Pass with the relevant details in addition, to be displayed to Security Personnel or Authorities (Police/CID/MOI) if required. This pass also should be always available in the same vehicle.

6. Please note that since the electronic tags are tamper proof, once pasted on your front windshield from inside, any attempt to remove it, will destroy the tag. In any such cases, a duplicate tag may be issued upon submission of a request & after completion of a physical inspection at an additional fee. If there is an unlikely case of tags malfunctioning without having tampered with, a duplicate will be issued upon physical checking.

7. Since the issued tags are registered against the Parishioner per vehicle (non-transferable), the Parishioner will be fully responsible for any mishap if it happens within the premises of the church by any other Personal using the same vehicle other than himself. Hence it is very important to note that in case of selling of your vehicle or changing of vehicle (Rental/Company vehicles), the Parishioner should immediately ensure that the tag is either fully removed/destroyed and the same is also immediately notified to the Car Park Registration Office.

Thanks & God Bless….


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